About Us

About Us

At Brainy-Bunch Tutors, our mission is to aid the student to achieve their best academically and have the tutor act as a mentor, guiding the student to greater success.

This started in 2013, when our founder, Marlon Bird, saw that tuition had a greater impact on young people than people thought.

With classrooms getting bigger and teachers not being able to focus on each student, private tutoring was not only needed but it also created a platform that goes beyond obtaining knowledge but also adding value and morals to shape the life of the student.

We firmly believe education without values or without educating the heart is truly no education at all. We aim to achieve great academic results and build character. What truly set us apart is that our students grow in their self-confidence thus giving them the motivation to excel beyond expectations.

Our tutors come to the comfort of your home at the day and time that best suits your child’s schedule. Our tutors are there to improve a child’s confidence, to help a child catch up, or to nurture a child’s abilities beyond what would be offered in a classroom environment. It also gives them motivation and enjoyment in a subject where there were lacking.

We aim to help develop study skills and mental discipline for successful revision that can be applied to any subject. Tutoring is a facilitative process which requires the active participation of both tutor and learner. Our tutors aim to identify the gaps in knowledge, while simultaneously facilitating learning through lots of practice, revision of theory, and interactive discussion of the subject matter.

We communicate with our clients regularly ensuring that they are satisfied with the tutor and service.

Should you want more than just a tutor but rather a mentor for your child impacting them with good values, morals and educating their heart to be like those of kingdom people feel free to contact us and book your tutor today.