Why Tutoring?

Improve results

1-on-1 support means they can quickly and effectively access strengths and weaknesses. Helps talk about problem areas in safe environment.

Get ahead in class

Ability to accelerate with workload. Willingness to participate more. More revision to be done.

Increase confidence

Fastening an inquisitive mind gives the desire to aim high and build a strong foundation. Encourages your child to ask questions.

Our average pass rate

Guaranteed satisfaction

Our tutors are selected through an intense recruitment process to ensure that you are 100% satisfied.


My experience with Marlon Bird was extraordinary as I learnt a lot from him through Mathematics as well as learning from his wise words. His maths lessons have helped me a lot as I went up in my grades and there’s just something about his teaching that you actually capable of remembering everything 😊

Eli Solomon Student

I can say nothing but good things about my experience with the brainy bunch tutors. I’ve been getting lessons from 2017 term 2 with Marlon Bird and there was a clear difference within my marks with term 1 and 2 , it was much higher since I started getting lessons. The lessons are perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing , we get work done while still having fun. My favourite part about the brainy bunch tutors is that they can help me with all 3 of my most difficult subjects which is business, accounting and mathematics. That is amazing and my mother is also really satisfied with the service.

thank you !!

Ashley Williams Student

The Brainy Brunch has done so much for me. Before getting involved with them, Mathematics was a constant battle. With the Brainy Brunch I improved by 40% in just one term. I can truthfully say that the Brainy Brunch is one of the biggest contributors to my positive progress in Mathematics.

Laaiqah Safodien Student

Marlon Bird is really an awesome teacher that basically became my brother. His passion to motivate and encourage young students is amazing. He makes learning fun and he has the ability to bring out the best in you!

I am so grateful that I have this incredible mentor.

Logan Haricombe Student

My experience with the BrainyBunch was phenomenal. They’ve helped me to persevere and show me how putting my mind to something can easily bring success. I’ve learnt so much, and yet I continue to learn so much more from them. They’ve made mathematics easier for me than it could have ever been. They also taught me that consistency and hard work is key. I also used to despise maths, but they’ve made mathematics so much fun for me.


If you considering BrainyBunch, I wouldn’t hesitate referring you to them a million times .

Kian Ismail Student

Why Us?

Personalized Teaching

Flexible & Convenient

Home Tuition

Teaches more than the syllabus

Promotes Responsibility

Encourages higher levels of learning

Join us equip this generation with success

About Us

We believe education without values or without educating the heart is truly no education at all. Our aim is to achieve academic results plus character. This is true education. We therefore don’t offer only a student/tutor relationship but tutors that act as mentors to our students.

We communicate with our clients regularly ensuring that they are satisfied with the tutor and service.

Should you want more than just a tutor but rather a mentor for your child impacting them with good values, morals and educating their heart to be like those of kingdom people feel free to contact us and book your tutor today.

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